Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Who Needs Your Crummy Job!

Vocational courses by mail were prolific during comics' silver and bronze ages, so they all tended to look alike and blur together after awhile. But look at how clever this company was in putting its ad in comic book form!

Man, Mr. Bemis sounds like a real hard-ass! How about only docking Bill's pay just for the seven minutes he was late, bub? Or maybe you're just trying to teach poor Bill a lesson. But we don't have to worry about Bill, because it looks like he's had enough!

Wow, Bill! Good going!

Er, but hold on. As much as we appreciate your initiative, Bill, you might have wanted to refrain from telling off your no-good boss for a week or two--because you still have to go out and find a job in electronics, assuming someone will hire you based on a correspondence course.

By the way, Bill--not to pile on here, but you also misspelled "good-bye" before you flipped off Mr. Bemis and stormed out. You're sure having a lousy day, aren't you?

On a lighter note, you just know these guys had a blast posing for these photos. I bet they even acted it out.

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