Thursday, November 7, 2013

Revenge of the Wolf-Man!

It may not look like it, but Thor could be in danger here!

This being used to be a wolf, but it was exposed to a procedure that advanced its evolution to its ultimate end. Unfortunately, the creature turned out to be evil, so he's on the hunt to kill pretty much everyone on sight. Seems to me even an evolved wolf would still be no match for a thunder god, but Thor apparently thinks he has his hands full:

At least Jane Foster has confidence in Thor to clean this creature's clock. Though his opponent seems to be the poster boy for self-confidence:

Before the fight can go further, a sonic device is brought out that causes the creature pain, and it retreats. In the process, we also find out that he can be added to the list of beings who can resist Thor's hammer toss, even if he cheats by blocking it before it can impact with him:

(Jeez, the creature only had to use basic mental repulsion. That's gotta knock Thor's self-esteem down a notch or two.)

Eventually, Thor catches up to the creature again, and this time trots out his own résumé, making it clear to Fido that there's evolution and then there's power:

(When he wakes up, this creature might want to think about moving beyond "basic" and "elementary" tactics when fighting thunder gods.)

But, have we seen the last of this evil wolf/man?

Why don't we find out in a new

Marvel Trivia Question

What villain is this creature destined to become?

After its encounter with Thor, the creature was exiled along with its compatriots to a distant world, where they could take a crack at creating their own society. But they apparently had bolder plans, eventually leaving their new galaxy and detouring until they chanced again on their creator--the High Evolutionary--now on the far side of the sun, dabbling in world-creating. But this time, he would make sure the "Earth" he created would be free of man's aggression. Not the kind of experiment you want to be crashed by a former creation that embodied evil and likely wants revenge on his creator who sent him into space:

Yes, the Man-Beast, who sees a prime opportunity to hit the High Evolutionary where it hurts, by corrupting the world he's worked so hard to make sure would be a paradise:

And so the deed was done. The High Evolutionary awoke to find the horror that the Man-Beast had created, and, unable to bear the tragedy, was poised to destroy his creation--until Warlock, another former sparring partner of Thor's, interceded and vowed to fight the Man-Beast's influence:

But eventually, the Man-Beast was able to gain the upper hand, and execute Warlock. And, in his subterfuge as the U.S. president, he would go on to make sure the Evolutionary's dream was ravaged in full:

Yet, Warlock's execution had a powerful witness at the time--the incredible Hulk, who wasn't about to let the Man-Beast off the hook for Warlock's murder:

But the Man-Beast's fate wouldn't be decided by the Hulk. Instead, he'd meet his end from a most unexpected source:

With Warlock leaving the door open like that, you've probably guessed that the Man-Beast returned to cause more trouble, this time on the true Earth. Eventually, though, he'd find himself as a wolf again.  Odds are, a very bitter one.

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