Monday, November 4, 2013

Man Trap!

When Captain America first met Diamondback, a member of the Serpent Society, it was love at first sight. At least for one of them:

Diamondback, of course, probably isn't the first villainess who's had devious intentions when it came to Cap's virtue.  And if this were USAgent rather than Cap, I'm reasonably sure that ship would be rockin' once she made the moves on him. But this is Captain America we're talking about--and since neither Mom nor apple pie are anywhere to be found in this woman's character, it looks like Diamondback is going to be disappointed tonight.

Or is she?

Let's see how it plays out, once the ship launches:

Perhaps the question Cap might want to ask himself is: what's he got to lose here, other than his uniform? Is he going to let a little thing like a lethal threat keep him from scoring with this beautiful woman? James Bond would have jumped at the offer--and suavely, at that. At least Cap hasn't yet slammed the door on the proposition.

But he'd better hurry up and make his decision:

What's it going to be, Cap??

Oh, please, like you had to ask. Have you ever seen a more squarely-set jaw than on this man?

Looks like Cap has turned the tables on this lady. Just a few moments ago, it looked like she was holding the upper hand. Now she seems to have folded like a tent. But, surely the self-assured Diamondback isn't just going to stow away her spine and become captivated by Captain America's charisma, is she?

Heh--what do you think?

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Iain said...

Ha Diamond was making moves on anything male she was flirting with Nomad or whoever that ex bucky wannabe was too.