Friday, November 29, 2013

Web-Swing Your Way To A College Degree

Wait--did Peter Parker actually graduate college??

Well, yes and no. The cover of this late-1978 story takes a bit of license with the actual result. Peter was indeed scheduled to graduate, at least according to his own day planner as well as announcing the news to his friends. But maybe it's more accurate to say that he was expecting to graduate. (You'll notice that the cover doesn't show him actually grasping the diploma.) Peter showed up; managed to find a cap and gown when he discovered none had been reserved for him (ditto for his seat at the ceremony); and also found that they'd left his name off of the graduating class listing.

And then he got this little surprise:

Afterward, when Peter speaks to the dean, this science wiz discovers the value of double-checking:

As far as the issue is concerned--not to mention Peter--he did indeed graduate, for all intents and purposes. I don't recall a later anticlimactic announcement of that final gym credit being claimed, followed by receiving his diploma in the mail--but the last page of this story seems to definitively close the book on this chapter in Peter's life:

So a hearty congratulations to Peter--who proved that you can virtually phone in a college education, as long as you're a top-selling character of a comic book company.

A gym class. Fortunately, it won't necessitate forming any new habits, like studying.

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Anonymous said...

Well, in defense of Peter Parker, he wasn't the only guy that ever "phoned" in a college degree.
I could name a couple of guys I went to college with that might have found Peter's alienation, neurosis,and basic selfishness quite understandable.
But then again, who wasn't a jerk back then?