Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It Pays To Be An Avenger

With all the active Avengers on the roster these days, I doubt something like this would be feasible--but back in the day, when there were only about six active members, it was pretty profitable to be an Avenger. Something Tigra, as the newest member of the team, found out to her delight:

Tigra doesn't strike us here as being of the inclination to turn down Stark's generous offer, does she? But, being in residence, she--along with presumably the Scarlet Witch, the Beast, Hawkeye, Quicksilver, and others with no outside means of support--could look forward to being nicely compensated for being one of the team, if they so chose:

It didn't take long for Tigra to get a little carried away and start throwing around all that dough:

But when dealing with a bully on a subway car, Tigra seems to learn the true value--and responsibility--of being an Avenger:

A lesson unfortunately learned a little too late, as Tigra would leave the team in another issue after an unnerving encounter with the Molecule Man:

Which left a little more money in the kitty (ouch!) for the Avengers for a rainy day.


Anonymous said...

I've been a fan of Tigra since the late 70's, when she was hanging around with the Fantastic Four and making Ben Grimm exceedingly nervous by blatantly flirting with him. Tigra, the Thing, Thundra, and the Impossible that was titanic team-up! Ben was never quite the same after that ish!

Edo Bosnar said...

I always liked Greer, too, but I really hated the way she was written during her brief stint in the Avengers, i.e., flighty and kind of a coward. That really didn't square with the way she was portrayed in her previous appearances (either as Tigra or the Cat).

Comicsfan said...

Also, Edo, she didn't think she'd run into "heavy-duty opposition" with the west coast team!?