Thursday, November 14, 2013

These Are The Heroes Who Lunch

Gosh, it seems we just had an Avengers membership turnover, doesn't it? But since the last one had a little too much tension, let's have a more informal one this time, where there's no drama, no government watchdog calling the shots, and no fights breaking out.*

*At least no serious ones.

As this membership meeting begins, the team is down to four members--four charter members, which is either just an odd happenstance or an indication that the Avengers have a problem holding onto their inductees. Sheesh, no wonder they're always recruiting. Two additional members are needed, and the members of the old guard each has their own ideas about who would make an ideal candidate:

So, going their separate ways to pursue the matter, we look in on each of them as they go about looking up potential members. Thor's choice is rather surprising, given that he wasn't this candidate's biggest booster initially:

As Spider-Man mulls it over, let's check in on Captain America and Iron Man, as they drop in to lobby someone who's probably occurred to all of us as an ideal person for the job. Though he's playing a little hard-to-get:

Looks like that's one down. As for Jan, her idea for sizing up potential Avengers was in the form of a ladies' lunch:

The gathering was unfortunately crashed (and I do mean crashed) by the Mechano-Marauder, though it did serve the purpose of weeding out those candidates who just couldn't fit the Avengers into their schedules. So, finally, after everyone has compared notes, it falls to Jarvis to bring this membership drive to a close:

Don't leave us hanging, Jarv! Aside from Hawkeye, who will round out the new Avengers lineup?

Well, we couldn't find out without a skirmish to seal the deal.

Unfortunately, when Hawkeye finally arrives at Avengers Mansion, he finds his headaches may have only begun:

Apparently, the team never heard back from Spider-Man.  He was battling with the Juggernaut in his own mag around this time.  Do you think he pounced on Hawkeye's old job?

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