Friday, November 1, 2013

Shop 'Til You're Dropped

Halloween has come and gone, but there's still time for a good catfight. And this one takes place before the impending wedding of Storm and the Black Panther. On the day before the wedding, Storm has been invited by her friends to do some power shopping--and at one store, she finally crosses paths with a woman who has been impersonating her all over town, on a shopping spree of her own and doing some role playing to satisfy her fantasy of stepping into Storm's place as T'Challa's bride:

Yes, who else but Princess Zanda, who can certainly match Storm in shopping funds but whom few could match in arrogance. Nor is she about to step out of her fantasy and address Storm as an equal. That's not to say that she isn't going to indulge in a little mud-slinging aimed at her rival:

Unfortunately for Zanda, Storm's aim is pretty good, as well. And Storm knows that a loss of composure to someone like Zanda is better than slinging a truck load of insults with her:

Give Zanda some credit--she comes back swinging. But with that kind of in-your-face gesture to Ororo, followed by that kind of challenge, I think all of us can see how this is going to end:

I don't think Ororo will be receiving a wedding gift from this woman.

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