Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Jane Foster, She-Devil

Jane Foster, circa 1963:

I don't know, Jane. Thirteen years later, it looks like you can give Thor a run for his money in the bravery department:

Wait a minute--"plots her next move"? Jane!?

Jane has accompanied Thor to the jungles of Costa Verde in search of Firelord, who has joined a group of rebels in an effort to overthrow the government. But a woman named Gypsy has put Firelord under a spell of obedience, and unfortunately does the same to Thor when he arrives--leaving Jane as a captive of the rebels. But she's not going to stay that way:

Yes, you've guessed the sad truth about Jane's "next move."

Or, to put it another way: Ewwwww.

Jane is obviously not thinking too clearly. For one thing, she seems unaware of the fact that tents don't have doors. For another--I repeat, ewwwww. There must be some other way to freedom than making nice with Miguel. You may want to scroll down a bit, because this is bound to be a little sickening.

Wow! This is no chiquita, that's for sure. What's happened to our timid nurse, anyway?

Jeez, "lardbelly"? And laying down fire with a machine gun without a wince? When did Sgt. Fury get into this mag? Jane sure got the attention of El Lobo, the rebels' leader--though he could be asking for another round of bullets if he keeps calling Jane "muchacho." Have your eyes checked, pal--this she-devil may be barking out orders, but this is definitely a woman who's calling the shots. And speaking of shots:

So now that Jane has everyone's attention, what are her demands of this group? Well, she's looking to get a little of her own back:

Yes, you heard that right--our nurse Foster, whose idea of physical exertion up to this point has probably been to have a nice walk in Central Park, is looking to throw down with Gypsy, the tough co-leader of these rebels who's got both Thor and Firelord under her control. At first, Gypsy snubs her nose at Jane's proposal--but El Lobo convinces her to accept, or lose face in the eyes of their men.

So, before you know it, Jane is--I still can't believe I'm saying this--squaring off for a knife fight:

Wait--"warrior-goddess"? Yes, that's right--this is the brief period when the goddess Sif had infused Jane with her spirit in order to save her life, and clearly the joining has given Jane a somewhat more forthright disposition. And it's enough to give Jane the edge in this fight:

Gypsy, despite the clear defeat, isn't about to see their revolution go down the tubes by throwing in the towel, and rallies the men to put down Jane--but fortunately, Thor awakens in time to save the day and, together with Firelord, puts an end to El Lobo and his rebellion.  Including Miguel, who was sure he was this close to scoring.

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