Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Fearful Secret of Bucky Barnes!

No, no, this isn't the special comic book adaptation of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. But in each case, it looks like Cap's got a very peeved ex-partner:

Except in this case, "Bucky" is really a robot plant by MODOK, to gain his revenge on Cap. Though even MODOK had to outsource in order to obtain a near-perfect duplicate of Bucky which would fool everyone:

And so the plan is hatched, with Bucky sent to foil Baron Strucker's plan for revenge against Cap. Jeez, does everyone want revenge against Cap? Even Bucky wants revenge, when MODOK drops his subterfuge and sics him on the Avenger:

As for MODOK, who's remotely observing the battle and directing Bucky's mood, he seems to have all his bases covered no matter who wins this fight:

Cap is definitely on the defensive, taken off-guard by "Bucky's" behavior and letting him gain the advantage. And his guilt over his partner's state of mind is apparently inhibiting his will to survive:

But MODOK should have made sure to get a warranty when he took delivery of this unit from Doom (though I'm sure we can all guess what Doom's response would likely have been). Still, how do you guarantee against making something too good?

With the unit's destruction and Cap's realization that his partner was just a machine, MODOK unfortunately won't get the satisfaction of a Captain America driven mad by guilt.  Though to add insult to injury, he may get one heck of a bill from Doom.

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