Tuesday, November 19, 2013

To Boldly Seek The Skrulls

It's reasonable to wonder if Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, might have bumped into Fantastic Four writer Stan Lee sometime in the early 1960s and struck up a professional meeting of minds. To put this train of thought into perspective, what were these two men doing around this time? By the time Roddenberry had pitched his famous series to NBC in 1964, Lee had already been writing the FF book for over two years; and in late 1966, of course, the first episode of Star Trek finally aired.

But, inbetween Roddenberry's first pitch of the show and its premiere on NBC, Lee happened to write "Behold! A Distant Star!" in 1965, a story which introduced some rather coincidental concepts to readers who were probably unaware that Star Trek was even being developed:

On the other hand, if Roddenberry was going for a Skrull when he introduced Balok:

...he obviously didn't have the budget to go all the way with it.

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