Sunday, October 7, 2012

"Your world is ours. I SAID, YOUR WORLD..."

Given how desensitized we've become to alien threats, thanks to Hollywood blue screens and X-box games, I can only imagine how we'd react to an actual alien who appeared amongst us and had designs on our world. In the world of comics, the man on the street never has to wonder long about the intentions of a hostile alien, since they usually launch into an attack right away (in order to bring the hero(es) running). But when Stan Lee was writing comics, sometimes he'd take delight in showing how unruffled and skeptical New Yorkers can be by such proclamations of doom.

Here's a wonderful example of New York's finest encountering an actual alien, who's already set a very real plan in motion to capture Earth. But come on--how seriously would you take such a threat if someone, even garishly costumed, simply walked up and told you that?

Down at the precinct, Colonizer Nile doesn't exactly cement her credibility:

Unfortunately, her day goes from bad to worse--when, due to off-world intervention by the Thunder God, Thor, the Colonizers have abandoned their plan to capture Earth. And guess who gets egg on her face by getting the bad news in front of the very Earthlings you're trying to get to take you seriously?

Of course, even New York's finest have to stop in their tracks at the sight of Thor striding into their precinct. A pity Tana Nile is wallowing so much in her "failure" to realize she has a whole new level of street cred with these guys. Still, the cops come to the conclusion that it's probably a good idea to just file the whole thing into File 13. But they still manage to get in a few last parting shots, if only for their own peace of mind:

By the way, don't feel too badly for Colonizer Nile. She's been recalled to Rigel because the High Commissioner has chosen her for his wife. I hope these precinct cops have the good sense to send her a wedding gift.

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