Saturday, October 27, 2012

Goodbye, Cruel World


Name This Marvel Villain??

Meet 10-year-old Arnold Sutton, who looks like he's about to get revenge on somebody who stole his bike. But Brain-Child, a mutant of an alternate Earth, has a much more grandiose plan of revenge in mind.  For this boy grew so bitter at the mockery he suffered by his fellow man that he put into motion a plan to end all life on the planet.

Enter the Avengers--four of them, who were accidentally separated from the main group as they returned from Arkon's world.  Waylaid at a sort of dimensional limbo, they were witness to a horrifying sight:

Upon their discovery of Earth's possible fate, they made their way back and had their first encounter with the Squadron Supreme, and concluded that they'd instead returned to an alternate Earth. Still, they were nevertheless determined to prevent its destruction.

Joining with the four senior members of the Squadron, they assaulted the complex of Brain-Child, who they'd learned designed the rocket they feared would cause the cataclysm. Brain-Child unleashed the full measure of his advanced weaponry, as well as his mental powers--but the combined forces of the heroes were too much for him to withstand, and he crumbled like, you guessed it, a child. In fact, the shock of his defeat wiped his memory of who he'd been, returning him to true childhood.

Taking pity on Arnold, Dr. Spectrum used the power of his prism to changed the boy's appearance to that of a normal 10-year-old--effectively giving him a fresh slate to start life anew. Afterward, the Avengers faded out, retrieved by Iron Man and the others back to their world. Though the Vision couldn't resist musing:

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