Monday, October 29, 2012

It's Mr. Fantastic, Not Mr. Aggressive

For a complete change of subject, you get a little Reed Richards primer on how not to battle your foes.

Now, Reed is a guy who can literally overwhelm his opponent:

But he doesn't really like to fight aggressively:

Even when duplicate Reeds show him how to really use his powers:

So he sticks to defensive moves like this for most of the time:

Which, unfortunately, usually result in counter-moves like this:

Yet as part of a team, Reed fits right in. I mean, he's already the brains of the outfit--there's no need for his stretching power to eclipse the others. On the other hand, whenever Reed wraps himself around and constrains a foe, it would be nice just once if his prisoner was actually rendered helpless, instead of just flexing their muscles or tasing Reed in some way to break free.

I'm not providing graphics of that, because I doubt there's enough room on the page for them.

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