Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wolf In Simian Clothing


Name This Marvel Villain??

Calizuma, an agent of the Undying Ones, was part of a link in a chain to take revenge on the men who had now banded together as an informal "group"--Dr. Strange, the Sub-Mariner, and the Hulk, the original Defenders. To that end, he and his Warrior Wizards (ugh--I know) disguised themselves as ape-like creatures who lived in the Himalayas, and took advantage of the Silver Surfer's whim to act as a one-man Peace Corps, helping an "innocent" species:

The crafty apes used the Surfer's presence there to subtly take control of his mind and send him to attack Namor, in preparation for a ritual to sacrifice him to the Undying Ones by another agent, Necrodamus.

When that failed, the Defenders investigated (well, the Hulk just went along) and found the Surfer--and after comparing notes, Dr. Strange attempted to convince the Surfer that his "friends" killed their guides during the prior night.  So the apes, realizing their deception was uncovered, sprung their trap, and the heroes were confronted and attacked by Calizuma and his men:

Man, that's a lot of warrior wizards.  And these guys actually gave the Defenders a fight--so the team joined ranks and combined their attack to take out Calizuma:

As for those pesky "warrior wizards," writer Steve Englehart sums up their fate nicely:

The threat dealt with, Dr. Strange then placed a spell of atonement over them, to make them forget their evil past. Beats me what you do with yourself after you've been a warrior wizard, though. Maybe set up a coffee stand in the Himalayas?

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