Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Not Quite A God


Name This Marvel Villain??

What we won't do for money. It's turned many a man and woman to a life of crime.  Yet this gentleman, Force, fell onto the wrong side of the law by succumbing to something else:  ego.  An assistant to scientist Damon Walthers who was conducting research at Empire State University to develop the world's first practical force field device, the man known at the time simply as "Taylor" saw Walthers' device as a far more deadly tool to be used for personal gain.

Taylor began demonstrating his new power by destroying just about everything in his path--reveling in his abilities, even likening himself to a god.  But his timing was unfortunate.  What he didn't count on was that the Sub-Mariner needed that same technology to deal with an emergency situation.  But this guy wasn't about to just hand over his meal ticket.

So, halted in mid-rampage, he engaged in battle, but was subsequently defeated by Namor.  Later, he toned down his godlike impression of himself and turned his attention to more criminal pursuits, but didn't do so well with those either with Iron Man on hand to stop him:

Eventually, Force became tired of wasting his life as a super-criminal, changed his identity to "Clayton Wilson," and turned the tables on those who had used him to further their own ends.

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