Saturday, December 7, 2013

When Santa Packed A Piece

These days, this cover of Spectacular Spider-Man might border on commentary:

Despite its apparent theme, though, this 1985 tale is rather light-hearted for the most part. Written by Peter David, the story mostly deals with Peter Parker's lack of plans to spend Christmas with anyone, cycling through (and thereby catching up with) Peter's various friends who have their own plans and finding Peter becoming more and more dispirited. Where Santa comes in is when one of Peter's neighbors, Bambi, is at Macy's with her son Jordan, and Jordan has an extensive list of wishes for the department store Santa Claus. But this Santa is using all the children in line to make his own wish list:

Santa's intentions for Bambi give the story a darker tone--and, later, Bambi discovers him in her apartment looting their presents on Christmas Eve. Fortunately, Bambi lives in proximity to a guy with spider-sense:

Heh--"leg warmers." It was the '80s, after all.

All the noise wakes up Bambi's other roommates, and the confusion gives "Santa" a chance to bolt. But, as Spidey gives chase, our burglar finds quite the surprise as he reaches the roof:

Spidey has come up empty, but, before you know it, Peter is getting a call to come to the lobby of the "Daily Bugle," which finds its "toys for tots" contributions now overflowing--as well as the Santa-burglar he'd chased, who's now bursting with the Christmas spirit:

Thanks to the genuine Santa, Peter clears up a misunderstanding with his Aunt May and spends Christmas with her, together with Mary Jane Watson and her aunt. As for Jordan, I think Macy's owes the little guy reparations, no?

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Super-Duper ToyBox said...

i have this one from my youth- enjoyed rereading it a few years ago !