Thursday, December 12, 2013

Not A Creature Was Stirring--Well, Maybe A N'Garai

Since we've already seen the X-Men scrimmage at football on Thanksgiving, it's only fair that we see how they handle a no-holds-barred snowball fight with Christmas approaching:

(I'm going to go out on a limb and give Iceman the edge here.)

It's not very often that the X-Men get to indulge in the Christmas spirit without someone or something throwing a damper on their good cheer. Perhaps one of the most memorable of such scenes came when the new team of X-Men joined Scott and Jean in New York to immerse themselves in the holiday crowds...

...right before the Sentinels attacked. Sheesh, nobody invited them.

(By the way, which sharp-eyed among you spotted the cameo appearance of two other Marvel characters that sneaky artist Dave Cockrum inserted into the lower right corner of the pic?)

Heck, sometimes the X-Men didn't even need to leave the safety of their home for trouble to find them during Christmas. For instance, there were times that Wolverine didn't have that whole "peace on Earth" thing down:

Or when Kitty Pryde fought off one of the N'Garai single-handedly:

So, for the X-Men:

...this time of year is enjoyed to the fullest.

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