Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Iron Or The Man??

At first glance, this Iron Man story seems like pretty standard fare, this time with the golden Avenger in battle against the Unicorn:

But it's that curious looking box that can't help but get your attention:

Putting aside for the moment that gaining a growing insight into the character you're following month after month is something you'd expect anyway, what sort of character revelation could this box be referring to? That Stark is a budding control freak? That he may be on his way to a problem with alcohol? That he may have his eye on steering government policy?

Whoa, we're getting way ahead of ourselves. No, what's going on with Iron Man's character has to do with, well, being Iron Man:

Okay, Tony, you've vented and let it all out. Now, how about we get back to the story and...

Okay, GOT IT. You've had it with playing hero. Why shouldn't you chuck the whole thing and enjoy your millions? Understood.  Now, let's...

Alright, jeez, fine, so you feel like treating your subordinates like dirt. Now can we just...

Oh, great, now you're shafting the Avengers! Anything else you want to get off your chest??

WAIT a minute! That's another issue that hasn't even happened yet! Let's stick to what's going on here and now, huh? To make a long story short, when the Unicorn attacks Stark's factory looking for Iron Man (and comes up empty, since Stark is currently enjoying drinks with a beautiful date), Happy Hogan decides to try to stop the villain and almost forfeits his life in the process. And when Stark gets word of it, he gets a massive guilt complex and reclaims the Iron Man armor in order to both stop the Unicorn as well as reaffirm his role as both industrialist and hero.

By the way, Mr. Stark would like to clarify that just because he now has a clear conscience as Iron Man, that doesn't mean he's going to stop splurging or toss his little black book. There are some things that are a little harder to chuck than iron.

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