Monday, December 9, 2013

No Secret Is Safe


Name This Marvel Villain??

So what does the Spymaster have to do with our Christmas-themed posts of late? Well, Spymaster wasn't really one for wearing disguises, but even he could get into the Christmas spirit when he was causing trouble for Iron Man:

I'm not really sure why Spymaster ever took to wearing a costume. If your line of work is espionage, I would think the last thing you would want to do is to stand out. Still, during his career, he was very successful and sought after; and he actually gave the people he went up against a good fight, using a dazzling collection of specialized weaponry. He reminds me a lot of someone like Paladin (though with a more malicious disposition). In fact, it's interesting to see how this guy got more respect in the field than, say, the Trapster. (Of course the Trapster still lugging around that paste gun didn't help matters.)

But, why is Spymaster stirring up trouble during the holidays? It seems the Taskmaster was putting him to the test by having him steal the ornament off of the Christmas tree at one of Tony Stark's benefits:

But even as Santa Claus, Spymaster has reckoned without one thing--a sharp-eyed kid, who can usually tell when something's up:

Believe it or not, once he's busted and after a pitched battle with Iron Man, Spymaster was allowed to make off with the ornament he sought. Somehow I doubt the Taskmaster is going to be exchanging gifts with him.

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