Saturday, December 14, 2013

...So Be Good For Your Own Sake

I know the gray Hulk wasn't as powerful as his emerald predecessor, but come on:

Do we really think Santa Claus has a chance here!?

Happily, though, the health of our numero uno Christmas toy supplier isn't in danger, because, thanks again to a sharp-eyed kid, we discover this isn't the real Santa at all:

Yes, Kris Kringle in this clever disguise is really the Rhino, who it seems has a lousy disposition this time of year. On the other hand, he also seems to have a genuine concern for educating kids on the important values of the real world out there:

Still, even the patience of "Santa" has its limits, and this line of obnoxious kids has one kid too many. Fortunately, there's someone else looking out for little kids this time of year:

The battle that follows is predictably fierce, though a guy in a rhino suit dressed in a Santa suit has to be one for the record books. But the Hulk, who lays his hands on part of the disguise that the last annoying kid ripped off the Rhino, obviously thinks it's time to deliver a little Christmas spirit of his own:

And again, the battle picks up, going back and forth with both the Rhino and the Hulk giving as good as they get. In the end, though--after the Rhino re-dons the rest of his Santa outfit--we find that all it takes to end a brutal battle between two super-powered opponents are the plaintive tears of a little girl:

At least Rick Jones and Clay Quartermain, doubled over in a giggle fit here, have something to laugh about. Let's let them enjoy it while they can.

Because they're next in line.


IADW said...

Nice post mate - who doesn't want to see Hulk vs Santa :) God I miss Mr Fixit - hopefully at some point he'll return.

Comicsfan said...

Dan, I'll take Mr. Fixit over the Red Hulk any day. :)