Sunday, June 1, 2014

Villainy Sails The Seas!


Name This Marvel Villain??

Arrrrrr, matey--of course it's Commander Kraken who's waving that sword in our faces, about to put the smack-down on Iron Man. For a villain who had such grand plans and ambitions, Kraken ending up having a somewhat brief criminal career and didn't receive much of a spotlight. After his encounter with the Sub-Mariner, where he attempted to conscript Namor into becoming one of his gang of pirates, Kraken became a sort of techno-pirate and broadened his goals. To that end, he outfitted himself to be more of a threat to his foes--first, ditching his hand-hook in favor of a micro-circuited sword that has enough power to make the Swordsman envious:

Also, one of his legs below the knee has been made considerably more mobile:

Naturally he also gave himself an impressive array of equipment, including a machine which would turn hijacked crews into slaves:

And every good pirate needs a brigantine--but this one doubles as a highly advanced submarine:

But, where does Iron Man figure into Kraken's plans? He seems to have gone to a lot of trouble to nab him:

Yet it's not Iron Man specifically who Kraken wants, but instead the Avenger's alter-ego, whose identity he's correctly guessed. A man the world knows better as:

Eventually, Stark manages to suit up again as Iron Man, though it appears that Kraken might hand him his helmeted head once more:

But Iron Man manages to destroy Kraken's sword, after which Kraken pulls his sidearm and fires at him in a rage. However, when he instead hits and destroys his main computer, Kraken and his entire complex pay the price:

Despite appearances here, Kraken survives, though he toils in obscurity until he's gunned down with a roomful of super-villains by Scourge. And you just know what he exclaimed as he slumped to the floor:

Of course.  "Arrrrrr."

It's Commander Kraken vs. Sub-Mariner in a War of the "Next Issue" Banners!

Astonishingly, neither of these men wears the dive watch.

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Anonymous said...

I checked my pirate dictionary and it's actually spelled "Yarrr",
but I'll overlook that because this post was so dang funny.