Monday, June 30, 2014

Hideko, Mistress of Aikido!

Professor Hideko Takata is a world-renowned expert on geophysical conditions. But this day, she steps beyond the boundaries of science and comes face-to-face with one of science's worst nightmares. Today, she is also:

Hideko Takata, Hulkbuster!

A member of Bruce Banner's cobbled-together Hulkbusters team, Hideko has been present as the Hulk, now free of Bruce Banner's influence, has all but decimated the 'busters and now uses the limp and unconscious body of Doc Samson as a bludgeon to demolish a desert town. And now, before a member of the team can attempt to invervene with a salvaged weapon, Hideko acts with a method more time-tested--aikido!

The likelihood of Hideko keeping the rampaging Hulk at bay with aikido is understandably far-fetched. Frankly, given the Hulk's bulk, weight, and height, I don't know how her little maneuver succeeded the first time. Fortunately, Hideko is a realist--a brave realist, but one who knows when to face facts:

Heh, "in time." Quite an optimist, Hideko. But the arrival of the Avengers makes her slim chance of survival moot.

(I hope the Avengers had the good sense to approach her for membership.)

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