Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Hosed Torch

Annihilus, Annihilus. Tsk tsk.  There's such a thing as too quick an attack.

If only you'd had something a little more ponderous and humiliating, like... a fire hose.

You could even have it built into your costume.  You'll find it very, eh, handy!

See? Even when the Torch knows what you're up to, you still have time to hose him.

If you don't want to go the fire hose route, you can get by with a simple extinguisher apparatus.

You can even say something villainous, like "Prepare to be extinguished, Torch!"

Not really keen on keeping a hose at hand, eh? Well, if all else fails, you can probably throw something together to do the same thing. Believe me, as slow as this guy flies, you'll have loads of time:

Whoops. Looks like it's time for a word from our sponsor.

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Anonymous said...

Remind me again how Sue always get pictured as the weakest link?

The Prowler (like a check that arrives on Friday, this space is PENDING).