Friday, April 4, 2014

The Farmer And The Fury!

I guess this cover can't help but make you curious as to what a farmer could possibly do to get on the Hulk's bad side:

But, more to the point--how is the poor guy going to survive it??

Let's go back a bit to when the situation developed. The Hulk isn't in such a good mood to begin with, wandering the seemingly endless wheat fields of Saskatchewan and finally finding a road to follow. (Has the brute forgotten that he could simply leap?) Eventually, that road leads him to a country store, patronized by our farmer friend and his small daughter, Bridget--who probably didn't expect the routine of their quiet grocery stop to be shattered by a monster whose reputation precedes him:

Concerned for his daughter's safety, our farmer floors it in reverse. Proving that "Hulkbusting" probably isn't listed anywhere in the Farmer's Almanac:

Given that the Hulk has only recently destroyed an entire city--and given that we're not likely to see a headline that reads "Incredible Hulk Stopped Cold By Farmer's Truck!" anytime soon, it's safe to assume how this maneuver is going to play out:

That leaves our unfortunate driver to settle up with a riled, advancing behemoth, though it turns out the man has a secret weapon he didn't even know about.

Congratulations to Bridget, who can someday tell her grandchildren that she faced down the Hulk--an old wives tale to top them all, eh?


Anonymous said...

"You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille,
four hungry children and a crop in the YYYAAAHH! It's the Hulk!!!"

Anonymous said...

What I heard from the man on the street, and you know what they say about the man on the street, is the farmer was handling the Jolly Green giant's gibblets with cold hands, very cold hands.

The Prowler