Tuesday, April 15, 2014

SPLAT Goes The Vision

It's time to plummet into another experiment in

Given how it looks like our friend the Vision is trying to become a regular in this series, we'd probably better summarize what we learned the last time: increasing your mass when you're unable to change your actual size only makes you heavier. Or, put another way:

Our latest experiment in mass begins when Goliath is rendered senseless by a gas grenade attack. Unfortunately, he's left dangling from a high-rise and about to plunge to his death:

But the quick-thinking Vision knows of one way he might survive:

Apparently the Invisible Girl has secretly been tutoring the Vision, because he's under the impression that multiplying his mass will have this effect on a falling form:

But in reality, here are the Vision's options:

  • He can multiply his mass all he wants--but unless he increases his density, he's just going to go *SPLAT* underneath Goliath on impact. And Goliath will still be a goner.
  • If he does increase his density, Goliath will be killed by hitting the super-hard/heavy form of the Vision instead of the street, no matter how much the Vision thinks he's Johnny Bench.

This is just too weird! What's the explanation??


Anonymous said...

"Weird science" is right. By Stan Lee's own admission, he didn't know beans about science, and apparently neither did anybody else over there.
It doesn't pay too much to think about it. It's like when Superman would lift up a battleship and carry it, without just poking his hands through it, which is what would actually happen.
Makes your head hurt after a while.

david_b said...

This is all well and good, but I'm still confused just how Vish can carry someone while in flight.., since he has to be lighter than air to fly, density-wise.

Then..., comes Avengers 121 where he has to save Mantis by effectively tearing a building apart while carrying her, right down the side.., which made more sense than the light-than-air standpoint, but 'course was silly when Thor and Iron Man had to fix the building structure.. when Vish only put his hand in less than a foot in.

Ahhh, Marvel Universe Physics 101.

Phil said...

Let's say he changes his mass just like an air mattress. He starts soft then hardens, but not too much. Vision doesn't pop because his organs are artificial. That's the best I can do.