Monday, April 14, 2014

Down, Down, And Away

While scouring New York for a bad guy, the Avengers separate in order to cover more ground. (In which case you'd need, oh, about 7,000 Avengers to even make a dent in a search of all of New York City, but I digress.) During their search, we see a few of the team come across some of their fans--for Yellowjacket, a swarm (get it?) of autograph hounds (who knew that Yellowjacket had a fan base?), and in the case of Goliath, some teeny-boppers making fun of his "get-up."

As for the Vision, exposure to humanity seems to be something he'd like to avoid altogether:

This is one of the coolest Vision sequences, and it's of course visually appealing. But it bugs me for a few reasons. Specifically:

  • The Vision's disdain for humanity. Why wouldn't the Vision make more of an effort to know the people he fights for? Why keep them at a distance? He'll stick his neck out for a total stranger like Red Wolf, and he's obviously capable of feelings--he's also taken the time to grow closer to and trust his fellow Avengers. Why make their cause his own if his heart isn't really in it?
  • This is the typical man-on-the-street? Really? The Vision is one of the world-famous Avengers living in your midst on Fifth Avenue, not the Silver Surfer.
  • "Stop 'im, man!" Uh--what's your problem, guy? You seriously want to take someone into custody for literally walking down a sidewalk? And you're agitated enough about it to the point of calling out to other people to grab him? What if he were walking down a stairwell--would you have a conniption about that? And the first thought to occur to the other guy was to "tackle him"?
    "Why didn't he say anything? Why??" Dude. I want you to stop the next ten people on the street who ignore you, and demand the same answer.  And then, what the heck, tackle them.
  • You know, Vizh, snubbing humans only to end up doing your walking in the sewer isn't exactly improving your situation.

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Anonymous said...

I suppose the public had to be shown as wary of super-powered types as an explanation of why they were always turning against them at the drop of a hat. Another daft one was how the public "hated and feared" mutants/the X-Men - come off it, if the X-Men really existed they'd be media superstars and A-list celebs and that goes for all super-heroes.