Saturday, April 19, 2014

Prey of the Frog-Man!


Name This Marvel Villain??

As you can see by the kinds of heists she pulls, our special holiday villain, the White Rabbit, isn't too particular about her sources of ill-gotten gains:

So, pulling jobs like this, how can the Rabbit afford a "gang," and at $1000/week per man? Well, while she's hiring a new henchman--who happens to be our old friend, the Leap-Frog--let's hear how and why she entered a life of crime:

So the Rabbit is in it for the kicks. As for the Leap-Frog, he's reluctantly returned to crime in order to afford to give his son Eugene (who's been moonlighting as the nascent super-hero, the fabulous Frog-Man) an education and a chance at a better life. Meanwhile, Spider-Man, who has dealt with Eugene before and almost made a habit of pulling him out of trouble, has been trying to discourage the kid from pursuing this kind of life. But Eugene is nothing if not persistent--and through sheer luck, his involvement leads to the Rabbit's capture. It also turns out that his father was working undercover with the police, and collected some reward money for his trouble.

But try not to let the White Rabbit's disposition spoil your Easter. Remember, there's an Easter basket filled with chocolate out there with your name on it! (Or at the very least, a Kwikkee Burger.)


Anonymous said...

Ah, we need more super-villains like this. Instead of some demented, deformed revenge-driven homicidal psychopath, maybe some ordinary smash-'n-grab thieves with a gimmick, like an explosive-firing umbrella.
Y'know, just to pull of jewelry store heists!

Anonymous said...

From what I've heard from the man on the street, you're no bunny till some bunny takes your money.

The Prowler (once took lunch money but Spidey convinced me to give it back).