Friday, September 21, 2012

When Seniors Attack

Seeing a herald of Galactus entering your solar system usually has the residents of that system's planets running around, flailing their arms and screaming in terror. That's mostly because they know that the herald is probably going to summon Galactus, and that will be that as far as their life expectancy is concerned. They're not scared of the herald per se--the herald is just going to signal Galactus and then be on their way, as a rule. Unless the herald is Terrax, in which case he'll probably sadistically give you a taste of what's coming, just for kicks.

It's a pity none of these doomed worlds had Spider-Man to put the smack-down on these heralds. Look how Spider-Man can take down cosmically-powered beings like Firelord:

As well as give the Silver Surfer a run for his money:

Yes, that's correct. A herald of Galactus, who can safely navigate meteor swarms and shrug at planetary gravitational fields, can nevertheless be daunted by artificial webbing. Who knew.

So let's give it up for Spider-Man, who can pound into unconsciousness or otherwise manhandle heralds wielding a portion of the power of Galactus, yet can nevertheless be taken out by the occasional vase wielded by a senior citizen with a heart condition:

There's only one logical conclusion here.

Should Reed Richards ever fail to outwit Galactus--

Assuming she doesn't keel over first.

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