Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's Good To Be The All-Father

Among the many full-page portraits that artist Jack Kirby devoted space to in the comic books he pencilled, his most detailed often involved those he drew for Thor. And among those, who better to dote on than Odin, whose status as ruler colored practically his every mood and expression? Yet there were other artists who found Odin irresistible for full-page coverage--most notably, John Buscema and Neal Adams, the latter having only a short tenure on Thor but who left a memorable impression.

Here, then, is a comparative look at the lord of Asgard, as seen through the eyes of those best able to interpret him--Jack Kirby, Neal Adams, and John Buscema, respectively, giving him the full-page treatment. And you'll probably agree that even an entire page can barely contain him.


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Well, Odin certainly isn't going to disagree. :)