Sunday, September 16, 2012

So Long As You Live


Name This Marvel Villain??

Quite a one-track mind this woman has--and a deadly one, considering it involves killing someone she despises. Unfortunately, the nature of her existence prevents her from doing the very thing she wants most. Of course, if someone is so fixated on killing one person, they're not exactly going to be hesitant to kill anyone else--which makes this lady a most deadly villainess, indeed.

Yet, rather than a lofty goal like world domination, Lilith, Dracula's daughter, is more motivated by self-interest, mixed with vengeance. In fact, you could say that vengeance and hatred are what make her possible. And due to the circumstances of her existence, neither are in short supply.  Quincy Harker, Dracula's nemesis, had managed to end her un-life at one time; but Lilith cannot "die" in the traditional sense, nor by any ritual that would normally destroy a vampire.

The offspring of an arranged marriage which Dracula despised, she was taken in by a gypsy when her mother took her own life after Dracula spurned her.  Her story might have ended there, with her adoption; but when Dracula was turned into a vampire by a gypsy, he then began taking his revenge on every gypsy he could sink his fangs into.  Unfortunately, one of them happened to be the son of Lilith's adoptive mother, who had no qualms about seeking her own revenge through Lilith:

So Lilith is more of a vampire in essence, you might say.  She has the basic needs and abilities of a vampire, and certainly her father's contempt for the living--but she need not fear the usual weaknesses that a typical vampire would evade.  And as long as there are fathers taking their spite out on their daughters, her essence will have a vessel in which to be reborn.

By the way, I don't want to worry you, but it appears Lilith has migrated to America.  And the circumstances of her arrival give us an idea of what we can expect  from her.

You deadbeat dads out there may want to start making amends.  Just a thought.

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