Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Punch Heard 'Round The Rooftops

You've no doubt been gripping your seats, waiting to see how that fight with Daredevil and Spider-Man turns out--especially after Part One left things so up in the air.

Well, hang onto those seats even tighter, because this is the wrap-up:

After Daredevil outmaneuvers Spider-Man by trussing him up to a pole using his billy club wire, our two sluggers spend some time in their respective secret identities and, separately, find out what's been happening while they've been throwing punches at each other on the city's rooftops. They know that somehow, the Masked Marauder is involved, and they each reach a startling conclusion--that the other may have thrown in with the villain, and arranged the distraction of a fight so that the Marauder could steal the plans for a top-secret engine.

So you'd think their next meeting would find each of them fighting mad, wouldn't you? Well, you'd only be half-right. As chance (and spider-sense) would have it, Spider-Man pinpoints Daredevil's location, and bursts into the office where Matt Murdock--DD's secret identity--is meeting with his law partner, Foggy Nelson, and their secretary, Karen Page. And, well, these two pages pretty much fill you in on what happens next:

The incident ends semi-peacefully--but even so, it gives Daredevil enough first-hand information about Spider-Man's recent behavior to realize that the web-spinner has been duped, rather than being in league with the Marauder.

So Daredevil sets about to lure the Marauder into a trap, and succeeds. But before the trap can be sprung, guess who shows up looking for a little payback? That's right--someone who isn't so sure about Daredevil's lack of complicity with the Marauder:

Now this situation is really pretty simple, when you think about it:  Spidey wants information from Daredevil, and DD wants to give it to him.  So why are these two brawling? Because Spider-Man is too wound up from their previous encounter to just pull up a chair and listen; plus, he doesn't really trust Daredevil to just open up with the truth.  So he rationalizes just a tad:

Thank goodness for bad tempers, because we're not here to see these two compare notes, are we? But in the brief exchange of blows which follows, it becomes clear that Daredevil's no match for a fighting-mad Spider-Man who's giving him no room to maneuver:

So this is it--lights out for Daredevil.  Now you're really gripping your seat, aren't you? Well it was worth the wait:

But, darn that DD--he pulls a Captain America on us and rolls with it:

To make a long story short: the two spot the Marauder's blimp descending for his planned heist, and Spider-Man takes off to intercept it, with DD following.  In the fracas which follows, Spider-Man is temporarily blinded by the Marauder, only to have Daredevil enter the fray and foil the villain's plans. In the process, he also clears Spider-Man's name with the police, who only saw Daredevil's involvement in nabbing the Marauder's gang and jumped to the wrong conclusion about Spidey's presence there.

And wouldn't you know it? The Marauder got away. He certainly didn't have much to show for all of his shenanigans. Didn't make off with the stolen plans--lost all his men--and worst of all, he was so busy elsewhere that he missed out on a great fight. You, on the other hand, had the best seat in the house.

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Romita doing a great job of mimicking Ditko there.