Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Attack of the Guilty Conscience


Name This Marvel Villain??

This villain is one of Marvel's heavy hitters, as far as his ruthlessness and dreams of conquest--but seen here, he's definitely not the man he used to be. And he's having a really bad day. It started with his own power-mad ambition, and an act of anguish that caused him to overreach the limits of his power--which led to his defeat and apparent death. Yet somehow, he survived. After a brief bout with amnesia, his body began to radically alter, until he turned into a warped mockery of his former self.

In this form, he proved virtually impervious to attack. So a desperate plan was hatched, which would remove him from this universe entirely. But at the last second, the plan was aborted. Astonishingly, the villain was already reeling from an attack that managed to breach his defenses--an attack of conscience. He put an end to his threat--by ending his own existence.

But perhaps you'll recognize him when he was feeling more like himself:

Yes, Frank Hall, the infamous Graviton, "master of the fundamental force." (That would be "gravity.") Of course, not many of us would recognize a living black hole, which is the transformation Graviton went through when he released all of his energy at once and absorbed the entire mass of his former "sky island." What, did you think he was just wearing funny pajamas?

After realizing what his greed had led him to, he petitioned Black Bolt, leader of the Inhumans, for sanctuary in the Great Refuge. But Black Bolt, fearing Hall might relapse and possibly endanger his people, refused him, causing Hall to go on a rampage through New York. So Black Bolt--with Ben Grimm, the Thing--planned to cause an anti-matter explosion that would draw Graviton into a dimensional rift, removing his threat. At the last second, however, Black Bolt aborted the plan--because Graviton had finally realized the error of his ways. Releasing his conscious hold on his unstable form, he dissipated, thereby destroying himself.

We didn't see the last of Graviton, of course--but thank goodness we saw the last of this ridiculous manifestation of him.

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