Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Home Of The 50¢ Espresso

How about some (mostly) double-page art today? Let's go back to the late 1967 Amazing Spider-Man Annual, where we find its back pages crammed with all sorts of Spidey trivia.

For instance, while it may seem that people started hanging out at coffee houses a lot more with the popularity of the mid-'90s show Friends, Peter Parker and his friends already knew a good thing when they saw it:

(Looks like customers in the '60s preferred a dance area to plush chairs and sofas.)

Next we get a brief tour of the apartment Peter shared with Harry Osborn. The next time I need to organize my closet space, I'm definitely calling Peter Parker:

But enough socializing--let's get to a rundown on Spidey's powers. First, his costume and associated gear:

And while we're on the subject of webbing, we find out just how useful it can be:

We never see that web parachute much anymore, do we? Not even in situations when we're all crying out, "Hey, use your web parachute, dope!"

And of course there's Spidey's wall-crawling talent:

The annual didn't have a rogues' gallery section, but it did have one of the earliest Spider-Man villain pin-ups we'd see:

(Obviously, this pin-up had a higher opinion of the new Vulture's staying power.)

Finally, we see that what Spidey may lack in strength, he makes up for in presentation:

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Anonymous said...

Heh! This is some cool stuff!
Always fun to see Romita's Spider-man.

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