Thursday, October 22, 2020

Cry Dentist!


A few weeks ago, alert PPC reader M.P. made an interesting observation of how artists will at times exaggerate a villain's facial features, specifically their mouths and teeth (as seen in a related post).

Well, you didn't expect me to leave a carrot like that dangling in front of me, did you?

Or, as Captain Axis might put it:


Though an intriguing theme too tempting to resist, this won't be a comprehensive gallery of panels featuring noteworthy facial orifices and their distinguished dentistry--but it made for a fun mental "scavenger hunt" in sifting through my memories of such instances that caught my eye as a reader through the years. Hopefully some of you will have a few examples of your own that come to mind--and if so, be sure to speak up!

And since the Hulk's own exaggerated facial features are made to order for this type of post, we have a few more for you to *ahem* chew on. (And don't think we're leaving out Bruce Banner!)

A handful of Hulk villains also come to mind: respectively, the Bi-Beast, the Gremlin, the king of the Toad Men, and the Galaxy Master. May they all never run out of floss.

In his third annual, Captain America has his own monster to deal with--a creature known as the Captive, whose jaws pretty much give away his intentions even without his boastful explanation.

And you thought nothing could top Sabretooth in the flesh-rending department:

Meanwhile, who gets the impression that the Sandman and the Mole Man were separated at birth?

On the hero side, whatever Ben Grimm feels about getting the short end of the stick as far as being the only member of the FF who can't return to human form, there can be no doubt that he now has a set of teeth which would be more than a match for even the toughest steak.

Dracula, of course, isn't interested in chewing so much as sinking into:

As for the Sub-Mariner, chances are we're riveted by those bizarre eyebrows of his more than anything else.

While Rick Jones and his wife, Marlo, appear to have mouths (and vocal cords) to spare.

For beings who often project such a dispassionate veneer, even Galactus and the Silver Surfer have had occasion to show their teeth, along with their inordinate anger.

Though in terms of teeth, not even cosmic beings can hold a candle to the Puppet Master.

And whether one wears a mask or not, there are other villains for whom their teeth may be their only distinguishing feature.

Unless that mask is their distinguishing feature, of course.

And last but not least--never, never least, I hasten to add--we have Dr. Doom, who must have dipped into Reed Richards' jar of unstable molecules in order to have his metal face plate mirror his emotional state at any given time.


We have to include the boisterous Goody Two-Shoes, whose sentiments we hope you share!



Kid said...

You tell the tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth, so well done you. (Best I could think of approaching tooth hurty in the morning.)

B Smith said...

Back in the Kirby days, the Thing showing his teeth meant that he was really, really angry.

Comicsfan said...

Kid, you slay me! Well said! :D

Colin Jones said...

The Thing with teeth is just weird. Like Basil Brush with legs in TV Comic (Kid will know what I'm talking about).

mr. warlock said...

Thank you CF! Hilarious...!

Comicsfan said...

My pleasure, mr. warlock! It was a kick putting together.

Anonymous said...

C.F., You really came through! I threw my head back and had myself a good toothy cackle reading this!
I'm glad nobody was in the room because I'm sure I looked diabolical and possibly insane.
Some of these were exactly the images I was thinking of. I figured if you did this post the Skull, the Wrecker and the Sandman would definitely show up.
I gotta say, I'm surprised Ben Grimm showed up. Seeing him with teeth bared is...disturbing to me. I wasn't sure he had teeth. It's like when Daffy Duck sported a full set of chompers in Warner Bros cartoons.
Thanks, C.F. I think we all got a good laugh outta this. :)


Comicsfan said...

No problem, m'man! Glad you enjoyed it. :)