Saturday, August 16, 2014

Monster From The Clouds


Name This Marvel Villain??

Created by a race of "bird-people" to be a living repository for its culture and knowledge of warfare, the Bi-Beast, an android whose twin skulls of knowledge made them a monument of sorts to their creators, became involved in the aftermath of a life-or-death struggle between the incredible Hulk and the Harpy, bringing the two to the sky-island of his people. But they weren't the only foes the Bi-Beast had to contend with:

Yet MODOK would regret his haste, when the Bi-Beast put into motion a plan which would deprive the deadly creation of A.I.M. of his prize:

The sky-island was presumably destroyed, with the Bi-Beast meeting his end. So how did the Bi-Beast live to later threaten the SHIELD helicarrier?

And to General Ross's regret, this Bi-Beast is going to prove to be much more of an aggressor than his predecessor, with the helicarrier becoming his new base of vengeance:

And so Ross hatches a plan to abduct Bruce Banner from his current location in New York, and thereby sic the Hulk on the Bi-Beast. It takes a little doing on Ross's part--but the Hulk had no love for the Bi-Beast from their prior encounter, so Ross had only to bring the two together. The Bi-Beast, however, has donned an experimental battle vest designed by Tony Stark in order to give himself an edge:

The ensuing battle proceeds to wreak havoc across the helicarrier, and soon finds our combatants on the flight deck, with neither asking for quarter.

As for the helicarrier, its personnel race to repair the damage the Hulk and the Bi-Beast have caused, with its rotors failing and its flight blades spinning to a halt. With little time to spare, the ship is saved--but it dislodges both of its raging passengers.

The Bi-Beast, like the Hulk, survived this little plunge, to occasionally be pulled out of a hat by other writers in other titles, encountering the likes of Thor, Iron Man, the Stranger, the Over-Mind, the Thing, et al.

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Anonymous said...

The baleful, belligerent Bi-beast!
A pretty good opponent for ol' jade-jaws. Interesting backstory.