Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Distance Between Us

OR: "Get Out Of My Sight!"

Even when it comes to super-strong comics characters who are able to lift buildings and even mountains as well as perform other impossible feats, it still boggles the mind to see a character manage to punch or hurl another character a distance of thousands of miles--or even hundreds of thousands of miles. Following are some examples that come to mind for me with Marvel's characters, who, let's face it, seem to be able to survive just about anything.

If you have any examples of your own, feel free to add them to the list!

The Hulk vs. Fin Fang Foom
Distance: (gulp) 238,900 miles

Onslaught vs. Juggernaut
Distance: 892 miles
(*roughly--Juggy was punched to New Jersey from somewhere in Canada)

Gorgon vs. Wolverine
Distance: 5,581 miles

The Hulk vs. Nova
Distance: 5,408 miles

Binary vs. Rogue
Distance: 238,900 miles
(assuming that's the moon Rogue rebounds from)

Spider-Man vs. the Hulk
Distance: 99-1,200 miles
(Spidey has Captain Universe's powers at the time)

Jahf vs. Wolverine
Distance: 1,200 miles and still going

Thor vs. Loki
Distance: REALLY FAR
("the other end of the universe," according to Igron)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it you can lift a hundred tons, just throw your enemy into space at a speed to achieve what astro-physicists call "escape velocity" and you're not going to have to deal with that guy anymore, because he's going to be orbiting Mars.
Someday the Hulk's gonna figure that out, and that will be the end of Wolverine.
Maybe it's for the best that we mere mortals don't have that power.

Anonymous said...

Hulk punches Thor to the sky

Hulk tosses Kraven across the horizon

Lol Hulk stop doing that its too much

His friends and family aren't so innocent either

Skaar punches Juggernaut into orbit(supposedly around Jupiter):

Skaar punches Hulk from Manhattan to Virginia:

She-Hulk vs Doc Samson- next state

She-Hulk vs Titania- New York to Virginia

Anonymous said...

See the full list here


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