Friday, September 4, 2015

It's My Party And I'll Scrimp If I Want To

Before you accept an invitation to a party thrown by a boss who has the temperament of wealthy newspaper magnate J. Jonah Jameson, be aware that he may be one of "those" hosts--the kind that follows you around with an ashtray, and maintains a carefully controlled environment in spite of the festive atmosphere. He also might not be too keen on having guests over in the first place.

It's also a good bet that such a host watches over the care of their possessions like a hawk.

Food and drink can also be a problem with your host, who might become a bit more *ahem* conservative with their offerings as the evening wears on.

Nevertheless, take comfort in the fact that, for such a, er, gracious host...

...there's fortunately such a thing as "host karma."


Anonymous said...

As a teenager, I worked for this fairly wealthy guy who owned a restaurant who was a lot like J.J.J.
He'd ask change back from the X-mas bonus he'd give ya, if he didn't have any small bills.
If you'd ask him for a raise he'd holler like crazy.
I think he fired me two or three times and I quit about six or seven times. If I got fired, I just went into work anyway and he'd forget he fired me in the first place, or he was so short-handed he didn't care!
Two years and he could't get my name right! My name has four letters in it! When I left he shed crocodile tears. I'm still a bit fond of the old lizard.
Yep, he was J.J.J. allright. I bet a lotta guys had bosses like that.

Comicsfan said...

Well, m.p., it's likely that Jameson will end up with his share of grudging admirers who have fond memories of him--but we can probably assume that Peter Parker wouldn't be one of them. ;)

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