Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Avenger And The Attitude

You may find this hard to believe--but Thor, son of Odin, isn't the most humble of gods.

Or the most patient.

Ironically, the only time that Thor seems to have had a problem with humility was when his father thought that he didn't have an ounce of it, and banished him to Earth as a lame physician in order to better understand the concept. Aside from that, Thor's regal bearing and expectations of respect and obeisance from those who pit themselves against him has served him well in his dealings with the hostile forces that he must overcome in his struggles against injustice and oppression. And given his mettle in battle, those expectations are not without some foundation.

In this case, the Colonizers of the planet Rigel have set their sights on Earth, though mostly because one of their number, Tana Nile, is ready to undertake her first colonization attempt and has decided that our planet will suffice as a stepping stone to greater prominence for herself. (She probably settled the matter on which planet to choose with the equivalent of throwing darts at maps of star systems.) Upon inspection of her claim, the Rigellians granted her request and proceeded to use a "space lock" on our planet which would allow them to relocate it to wherever it will suit their needs. Thor, as you might expect, has a problem with such an aggressive move against our planet, and has intervened--taking control of a Colonizer ship bound for Rigel and planning to retaliate against the entire planet if the Rigellians don't break off their plans for Earth. And he fully expects them to comply. Obviously the man doesn't lack self-confidence.

We find Thor on approach to Rigel, and the Colonizers have sent out a reception committee to deal with him. The Rigellians, who have handled all attempts to resist their plans for colonization with all due force and the resources of their incredible technology, have their own problems right now investigating the threat of the Black Galaxy--a region of space in which their forces have disappeared without a trace, now showing signs of aggressively expanding outward. Thor's challenge will be treated as any other--methodically, and with the time-tested tools and procedures that mark the Rigellians as a formidable and relentless species. But the Grand Commissioner of Rigel knows that Thor's threat must be dealt with quickly, so that his attention may return to the Black Galaxy.

It's too bad the Colonizers didn't confer with Thor about that, because he has a different opinion as to who is certain to prevail in this encounter.

In a sign that the Rigellians are now finding Thor's approach and his trouncing of their forces a cause for concern, they soon resort to activating a construct called an Indestructible, its name giving you some idea as to its threat potential. Even so, battle is second-nature to Thor, and he isn't about to give ground this close to his goal.  (Plus, this thing didn't bow before entering, so that's really torn it with Thor.)

With the Indestructible's fall, the Rigellians aboard ship lose their resolve and accede to the imperious God of Thunder's demands to bring him to the "power planetoid" where the space lock device is located. But when the Colonizers planetside continue to attack, it's clear that Thor has had it with these aliens, and drives home the point that he's not to be trifled with.

Fortunately for the Colonizers, the Grand Commissioner appears to defuse the situation, knowing that Thor's power might be of some assistance with the danger from the Black Galaxy. And it seems the Grand Commissioner didn't get to be the Grand Commissioner without knowing a thing or two about appeasing the ego of a mighty opponent with an even greater challenge--that, and the fact that the threat of the Black Galaxy could also endanger the Earth.

Naturally, the Commissioner assures Thor that if he succeeds in his mission, the Earth will be released from the space lock. For all the trouble that Thor has gone through in bringing his fight with the Colonizers directly to Rigel, you'd think the Thunder God would insist on the lock being released as a condition of his help against the Black Galaxy. But in his current mood, I'm certainly not about to point out his tactical blunder to him, are you?

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