Sunday, August 3, 2014

Wear And Tear

I feel compelled to confess that I own no comic book-related underwear.

This really strange advertisement from 2006 isn't likely to change my mind.

It isn't any one thing that strikes me as odd about this ad. But if I had to make a list:
  • Maybe it's the ad's caption:  "My boxers, bub!" What does this mean? If it's clever or funny, I couldn't tell you why. Is Wolverine daring us to disagree with him? Is the caption supposed to be followed by "Wanna make something of it?" I'm not getting the catch here. OR:
  • Maybe it's because the "mad men" behind the ad insisted that Wolverine shave his chest. Were hairy chests in underwear advertisements risqué in 2006? OR:
  • Maybe it's the, ah, unfortunate placement of the costumed Wolverine's left thigh in a rather suggestive location and angle. Perhaps the caption should have read, "Eyes up here, bub!"

If you're interested in acquiring these deadly undies, you'll have to use your tracking skills to locate a pair. Most outlets on the web that I saw were out of stock, if they listed them at all.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's meant to be that those boxers are so cool and must-have that Wolvie is prepared to fight anybody who wants to take them...? As for the non-hairy chest - perhaps the artist didn't even know that Wolverine was supposed to have one.