Monday, August 18, 2014

A Butler's Work Is Never Done

Leave it to Edwin Jarvis, the Avengers' proficient butler, to tie up loose ends and put all in order. And nowhere is he more needed in that respect than at Marvel Comics, where the affairs of the Avengers can become so convoluted that it takes an entire series of issues to straighten everything out. Phooey. Why not just ring up Jarvis? He'll set you straight.

You can even e-mail him, as the government often does:

Both good questions involving the insectoid Wasp and Iron Man's days as a murderer. Fortunately, Jarvis's recollections are more reliable than any mere hardware database:

And I certainly could have used the old boy's help in sorting my own confusion about Captain America's shield, thanks in no small part to Marvel's profile of it:

Jot off a cc: to Marvel Comics on that one, will you, Jarv?

Finally, we have this little scene from Captain America to thank for Jarvis's next query:

Who knew that little teaser would persist for so long? It even has the distinction of flustering the I've-seen-it-all-by-now Jarvis:

Will someone bring Jarvis a spot of tea? Otherwise, I think that computer is going to find itself flying out the window. Accidentally, of course.

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