Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Foils Come In Pairs

Who are your favorite duos?

Those hapless pairs of normal folk whose paths cross the super-powered and who usually live to regret it. The best duos are played for comic relief--partners in crime, and fortunately no threat to the heroes they target, with their only loss being that of their dignity. Sadly, we just don't see enough of these people.

Here are a few that you may remember:

Cary and Kin-Tu. As far as I know, they only made one appearance to cause mischief, on a snowy day outside of Avengers Mansion:

You can see how their prank worked out here. I hope these kids don't let one setback make them toss in the towel on pranking the Avengers, because simply breaching the wall should give them encouragement.

Then there's ______ and ______, agents of SHIELD. I'm leaving their names blank, because you should hear Captain America's reaction to their field names yourselves. Though Cap doesn't seem to be in a mood for a meet-and-greet:

Now you'd think these guys would have the good sense to just step aside and let Cap pass. But I have the feeling this barber shop is going to need some repairs when it re-opens for business:

Heh. I guess Cap made an omelet.

The duo I'm most fond of, though, would be Kazibe and Tayete, nemesis of the "Panther-devil," or so they'd like to think. They were originally henchmen to Erik Killmonger during his attempt to seize the throne of Wakanda from the Black Panther, and they received a sound thrashing from T'Challa when they were caught torturing an old tribesman for information. Since then, they always seemed to find themselves in situations where they were ambushed by the Panther--and usually while Tayete was in the midst of dispensing bravado:

And the ambushes became quite the running joke:

You have to give Tayete props for perseverance:

Though at some point you have to wonder if these two have "KICK ME" signs attached to their backs:

Yet frontal assaults seem to work just as well for the "Panther-devil":

Believe it or not, Kazibe and Tayete come out of the "Panther's Rage" arc with their skins intact--and become loyal to T'Challa, as well.  That has to beat looking over your shoulder all the time.

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Edo Bosnar said...

I love Kazibe and Tayete as well. They provided some nice, unforced comic relief in an otherwise deadly serious story.