Thursday, August 15, 2013

When Marvel Meets Neverland

There are one or two questionable "facts" in this vid, but otherwise a fun distraction to your day:

Here's that curious resignation letter:

That Punisher issue sounds tailor-made for a What If? tale, doesn't it? And you have to be mildly curious as to how Marvel would look by now if Michael Jackson had been calling the shots.

I remember thinking at the time how oddly that letter read. For one thing, it didn't read at all like Edwin Jarvis, who generally hasn't been known to speak bitterly about anyone or anything. For another, Jarvis' dispute with Stark had nothing whatsoever to do with the Avengers, least of all their morale. And while the "showing the hired help who's boss" comment may ring true as far as relevance, it wasn't made within the context of any matters having to do with the Avengers, but rather a one-on-one (and one-sided) conversation with a drunk Anthony Stark.

By the way, please don't let me know any details about the Reagan incident. That's an image I need to jettison from my head immediately.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know about this "Reagan thing", but yeah, the "Nixon thing" happened. But whoever wrote that letter apparently had a certain sense of disgust about Marvel in general. I can kind of guess why. It was a case of what Iggy Pop called "here come the @$$#0!&s they can smell the money." But it was always like that, of course. There was just a little window there where nobody was paying much attention. I'm not even sure if it was better, it was just that I was a kid and impressionable.

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