Friday, August 30, 2013

Trust Your Tailor To Keep You Aloft

Name This Marvel Villain??

As a successful financier and corporate executive, Leland Owsley--better known by law enforcement and in criminal circles as the Owl--nevertheless found a more enjoyable life for himself in crime, once he'd had a taste of money laundering. He established an organization for himself to further his ambitions, complete with henchmen, and built an "aerie" for himself over the Palisades with elaborate traps throughout. He doesn't exactly put out the welcome mat, does he.

His main power is the ability to glide on air currents, made possible by "the ingenious cut of his capelike garment." (Hey, it worked for the Flying Nun.) He also seems to have a measure of strength--and of course a very devious mind that excels in planning and boldness. But in terms of making a place for himself in the underworld, what's really served him is his drive and utter ruthlessness, which allow him to lord it over his cutthroat henchmen as well as give him a somewhat informal position of authority.

Qualities we can probably sum up in one panel:

I can only assume his behind-the-scenes dealings in criminal heists are what keep the Owl afloat in a climate of unscrupulous criminals, who otherwise wouldn't fall in line with this ludicrous man with his grandiose ambitions. This is a guy who, for instance, constructed a giant owl robot in what he called "the forbidden chamber." And his aeries all have the facade of a giant owl face. Not exactly things that appeal to criminals who want to stay under the radar of the law. But the Owl has proven himself to be dangerous, if unconventional. And his menacing appearance and assertiveness are usually enough to push through his plans to fruition.


Anonymous said...

He was a member of Daredevil's punk-ass excuse for a rogues gallery, surpassed only by the Jester, Man-bull and Leap-frog. Or Frog Man.
(Not to be confused with the Stiltman, who was actually kinda cool.)

MattS80 said...

The Owl. What do I win? Or is it too late for that at this point?

Comicsfan said...

I suppose you could say that "Congratulations" is always the prize, Matt--though there really is no contest, since the answer to these mystery villain questions is always explained in detail directly following the post. It's really to see if you can guess the answer "at first glance" before reading further, while hopefully having some fun with the recall process. :)