Saturday, August 17, 2013

The SturkWurk of Doug Sturk

It's hard to pin down the work of artist Doug Sturk into any one category--sometimes it's difficult to even describe it. For an artist, maybe that's just short of paying it a compliment. Sturk's work has been in circulation a few years, and perhaps it's best described by using Sturk's own buzzword for it: "SturkWurk." It wurks works for me.*

*You'd be surprised at how often I've been tempted to spell the word "work" as "wurk" in this post.

Maybe the closest I can come would be to call it "adult-oriented with a touch of humor," though he's also done a large amount of work in 3D graphics and other areas. But what caught my eye was some of his work based on Marvel characters, notably these 3D images of Ms. Marvel:

You can tour some of his projects at his website as well as follow him on Twitter if you're interested in learning more about his wurk work. (Damn!)


Unknown said...

lol I don't remember this article at all. Thanks!

Comicsfan said...

My pleasure, guy!