Thursday, February 14, 2013

Beware The Mechano-Marauder!

We so often see the Avengers in life-or-death situations that it's easy to forget about the times when they allow themselves to have a little fun with their roles. Which is where this guy comes in:

Meet Fabian Stankowicz, arch-nemesis of the mighty Avengers--though obviously that title eludes him today. We're not really seeing Fabian at his best here, considering that Iron Man has just finished making short work of him. But at the beginning of this (you'll pardon the exaggeration) "battle," he was perhaps a little more threatening, if only with words:

It's just as well Fabian was out of hearing range of the interior. Because having your deadly threat casually announced by the mansion's butler wouldn't exactly provide Fabian with an ego boost:

So the battle fight scuffle begins. Meanwhile, the other Avengers arrive for that day's main meeting, as if the "Mechano-Marauder" was simply a nuisance:

Leaving only Iron Man to adminster the coup de grĂ¢ce:

Which is where we came in. But as you might have guessed, Fabian doesn't seem like the type who's going to give up after one thrashing:

The next time the Avengers face his awesome might (assuming they ever did the first time), it's at a house party where the Wasp is entertaining some girlfriends she's approached for Avengers membership. And as the hors d'oeuvres and pastries make the rounds, the Mechano-Marauder STRIKES!

You'll notice that Jan isn't exactly screaming in terror:

In short, Fabian has no better luck with prospective Avengers than he did with card-carrying members. Still, at least these people are paying attention to him, if indifferently:

With almost everyone departed, She-Hulk decides to get serious with this clown. And Fabian, always one step ahead of his opponents, has outsmarted her brilliantly, or so it first appears:

Unfortunately, being rooted to the ground puts Fabian in the unfortunate position of having to deal with the hostess of this party. And Jan clearly doesn't care for party crashers:

She-Hulk, by the way, goes on to become accepted for Avengers membership in this very issue. But while the "Mechano-Marauder" may have been a bust, the Avengers may not have seen the last of the his dynamic alter-ego, Fabian Stankowicz.  We'll catch up with him again soon enough.


Edo Bosnar said...

I remember these: some rather funny interludes, and basically the high points of what was a pretty grim period for the Avengers (i.e., everything from roughly issue #202 until Roger Stern took over about 5-6 issues later).
And now I'm actually curious as to when the formidable Fabian Stankowitz appeared again...

Comicsfan said...

That will depend on how formidable his attorney is at his sentencing hearing. :)

Doug said...

This is part of the run I've never read. I cannot do the art.