Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nothing Personal, But Kindly DIE-E-E-E!


Name This Marvel Villain??

By the look of her, you wouldn't think this villain would be anyone's lackey--but looks can be deceiving. In fact, this lovely "lady" used to be another lovely lady altogether:

The Vamp, one of the SHIELD "super-soldiers" trained by the Falcon, was merely infiltrating the spy organization on behalf of "the Corporation," an insidious organization that ensnared Captain America, the Falcon, Marvel Man, and the incredible Hulk by the time its involvement in their affairs was finally revealed:

With the Vamp now transformed to Animus, a hostile creature with psycho-kinetic abilities, she's joined here by Kligger (a U.S. Senator whom she was having an affair with--picture that, if you can) and Moonstone in one of the Corporation's secret installations, where she laid out the Hulk a few moments ago with a treacherous attack from behind with her club. The Hulk, as we know, isn't the brightest tool in the shed--even though he and Cap were fighting against the same organization, in his rage he took out Cap and thereby left himself open to the attack of Animus.

Animus is probably the most well-spoken murderer you could run into. Because while she clearly desires your death, she's quite cordial about it. Though the Hulk, when he awakens, isn't in the mood for pleasantries:

Interesting--we've got a sound effect, but does anyone see a punch land here? (Maybe the Hulk just ... ohh, I'd rather not think about that.)

Yet while Animus is able to make some headway against the Hulk, the Hulk inadvertently discovers her one vulnerability:

And for a creature whose powers of the mind have proven so deadly to others, it seems fitting that her mind of Animus becomes forfeit as a result of the Hulk's attack:

With Animus out of the picture and the Corporation effectively busted wide open, Kligger, who refuses to be taken into custody, gives the nod to his associate who then fatally guns him down before making his escape. And while the threat of Animus is over, the Vamp would later meet a more formal end at the hand of Scourge.

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