Sunday, February 24, 2013


What's your favorite pain-associated comic book exclamation?

A few probably ring a bell for you:


"YEOWWW!" (or "EEEYOW!", depending on the circumstances)



But come on--doesn't one come to mind almost immediately?

Of course--"Arrgh!" (Or its acceptable substitute, "Aargh!")  The one exclamation you can't imagine anyone having the presence of mind to exclaim when they're being struck painfully. I'm not sure if the victim would even have the time. Go on--say it. "Arrgh!" It doesn't even come out naturally, does it? Before you can even form the word, you'd probably already be slumped over. You'd need to be standing in place, in continuous pain, for the word to even register. Like the poor Hulk here:

The Hulk is using a variation of "Arrgh!"'s close cousin, "Arrhh!", which seems to get more airplay than the former. (And if he could, I'm sure he'd be mouthing a few profanities along with it.) "Arrhh!" may be the more realistic of the two, since getting that "g" into the exclamation seemes forced. Even pirates prefer the g-less version. But so do a lot of super-beings:

And boy, does Quicksilver wear it out:

But the original "Arrgh!" will always hold a special place in this fan-boy's heart. I mean, how many exclamations do you know of that merit their own comic book?


Anonymous said...

I was the goof that posted the comment the otherday about our good friend, the Stranger. I hope you didn't take it in the wrong light, as a criticism. I very much enjoy your website and I very much appreciate it. My comment was meant as good natured banter, nothing more. Kudos to you, sir, and thanks again.

Comicsfan said...

Not at all, I took it as good-natured banter all the way. Thanks very much. :)

Glenn Baskin said...

I always enjoyed IIIEEEE!

Comicsfan said...

Definitely one to add to the list!