Saturday, November 10, 2012

It Makes Sense--He Gets Beaten


Name This Marvel Villain??

This villain's main function is really to fulfill the wishes of his superiors, though he has been known to take matters into his own hands. (That was a clue, by the way.) His power allows him to gain the upper hand (oops!), but mainly through shock and awe mixed with a little sleight of hand. (Whoops!  Okay, that's all the slip-of-the-tongue clues you get.)

He often has grandiose plans, and he travels quite a distance to implement them--all the way from Dimension "Z," to be precise.  Transporting to our Earth, he sought out and captured a number of Earth's atomic scientists--and for good measure, he also decided to abduct Henry Pym.  And that was how Pym learned about the plans of the Living Eraser:

Scientifically far behind the residents of Dimension "Z," it seems the backward planet Earth still had something of value to offer these guys:

I have no idea why they took the time and trouble to abduct Pym, who did no work in atomic energy and certainly didn't know the first thing about constructing atomic weapons.  (Though his later creation, Ultron, boned up on the subject pretty well.)  The Eraser decided to take him just because he was considered a "scientific wizard."  Who unfortunately turned out to be a Giant-Man, and ended up lassoing their air force:

Apparently these Dimension "Z" guys, with all of their advanced weaponry, have never learned how to make use of a little thing called "horsepower."

The original "living eraser" is no longer with us--but his successor followed in his path, and unfortunately had the same success rate in trying to seize our atomic power secrets.  Of course, had they bothered to check with their own scientists, the warhawks of Dimension "Z" might have realized that the secret of the atom is a barrier they'd already crossed:

Fortunately, Giant-Man had the good sense not to break into laughter while being held at gunpoint.