Friday, November 23, 2012

Close Encounters Of The Fatal Kind

With all the hardware artist Jack Kirby drew in such amazing detail, I guess it was likely that some of his designs would end up resembling each other at some point. Take these two hulking, broad-winged ships of death:

Perhaps they look similar because each of their occupants has a few things in common with the other. They're both very powerful users of cosmic force; they both do what they must in order to survive; each of them makes use of a vast array of technology; and if you ever spot either of these ships looming over your cities, you can start making peace with your maker because your remaining moments of life are numbered.

So, with the fate of our world in the balance--


*They're still going to wipe us out, but hey, it'll be fun.

We'll start with the owner of the first ship pictured, since he's damned pissed that you drew a blank on his name...

I don't think grovelling will help at this point, but give it a try.

Galactus isn't the type to give his ships names, but this puppy surely deserves one. It's apparently built for long-range reconnaissance while his herald takes point--possibly a ship he takes out from his sphere-ship (or vice versa). It's even got a cool observation extension:

And when he wants to shuttle somewhere, Galactus just stuffs himself into his, I dunno, "Galacti-cube":

I always wondered why so-called "space gods" like Galactus rely so heavily on technology--particularly the Celestials, who seem perfectly capable of handling analysis and transportation on their own. In the case of Galactus, I'd guess that it makes sense for him not to expend unnecessary energy when there are devices that will do the work for him. After all, even the universe is going to have barren areas where he might not be able to find a meal for awhile.

As for our second ship, let's take a peek inside its hatch and find out what deadly being emerges:

Annihilus, in a way, could be seen as the Galactus of the Negative Zone, though in a very twisted way. The "need" of Annihilus to destroy life in order to survive is really only to make sure that no one remains alive to threaten the immortality that his cosmic control rod provides him. Which means the technology that he makes use of is mostly a means to that end. Take that ship of his, which I'm sure species of the Zone view as a harbinger of death:

Though this ship isn't the only playtoy Annihilus keeps on hand to dispense death. In addition to various torture chambers in his lair as well as savage creatures that do his bidding, Annihilus also keeps a flying gunship prepped for when he has the urge to make those "personal" kills:

So, quite a pair, these two death-dealers. Their ships have design similarities, with the difference that one of them has a lot more gun ports than the other. We should just hope that neither ship shows up in our neck of the woods anytime soon--their owners aren't exactly what Steven Spielberg had in mind.

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