Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sentinel Of Our Shores--and Offices

What happens when you add:


and combine with the geekiness of your humble host?


But you don't think I stopped there, do you?

Voilà again!

Some new art for my office!

When I recently came across a storehouse of old Captain America Comics covers on the web, I thought about the dynamic image of Cap and Bucky on the cover of Captain America #281 (by Mike Zeck, if I'm not mistaken)--which inspired me to create a 24 x 26 wall-hanging that combined the two. And as you can see:

Those old comics made the perfect backdrop for Zeck's beautiful image of Cap and Bucky. That original series of Cap comics ran for about 80 issues, and I wish I could have fit them all on the final product.

And hey, guess who drew some of the final covers?

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